Homemade Taste, Made Simple.

Our original restaurant formula can be whipped up at home with our convenient “just add water” mixes, giving you and your family delicious, made-from-scratch tastes and textures – with no need to purchase additional ingredients or spend the day in the kitchen. Try our well-loved Organic Corn Bread Mix or any of our Marie Callender’s products and experience the goodness of homemade without the hassle.

Our Story

The Recipe That Became A Family Legacy.

The story begins in the early 1940s in Orange County, California, when Marie Callender started her lucrative home-based bakery. Marie, a wife, mother and accomplished baker, would bake pies at home and her son would deliver them to area restaurants on his bicycle. The demand for Marie’s delicious pies increased, and in 1948 the family sold their car and turned their at-home bakery into a bona fide business.

In 1964, Marie’s son Don opened their first pie and coffee shop and named it after his mom. It wasn’t long before more pie shops opened and expanded into full-service restaurants. Over the years, the Callender family business evolved into a nationwide chain and a brand of quality baking products found in grocery stores across the country.

Marie always had a hand in creating the comforting, homemade recipes that bear her name to this day. That same quality and care goes in to all of our Marie Callender baking mixes.

We offer a quick, convenient, and easy way to make cornbread with our range of Marie Callender's products. These made-from-scratch mixes deliver the taste and textures of the cornbread the restaurant is known for. It’s a great addition to any meal.

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Enjoy Marie Callender’s original restaurant cornbread with our convenient “just add water” mixes. They’re delicious as a snack or a side dish.

Bring the 70-year legacy of Marie Callender's home or to your store shelves.

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